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Welcome to the best in bathub and tile refinishing available.

Why put up with the inconvenience of plumbers, carpenters, and tile workers coming and going and making a huge mess in your home just because your bathtub, tile, and countertops are showing their age.

 Let Superior Finish refinish your bathtub, tile , and countertops to their original brilliance, quickly and with less mess. At your convenience, we will have a trained technician come to your home and refinish/reglaze your bathtub, tile, and/or countertops. in your choice of color, all in a matter of hours, with no tear out or mess.

 Reasons for  Bathtub Refinishing

You will save up to 75% of the costs of tearing out the existing bathtub, tiles, or countertops. Reglazing/refinishing is much less expensive and much more convenient than replacement.

 Bathtubs and tile look like new again

Your hard to clean, dull, and worn surfaces will be transformed into an easy to clean, brilliant like new finish. And remember the choice of colors is yours.

 Skid resistant surfaces

No slip surfaces can be installed in the tub, making stick-on decals and rubber floor mats unnecessary.

 Quick Reuse Of The Tub

Most times the bathtub can be used again in 24 hours, with 48 hours preferred in cold or high humidity conditions.


This treatment is warrantied for five years against defects in material or workmanship. 


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