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Frequently Asked Questions

These answers should help withsome of your questions. If you do not find your answer here please feel free to call Bob at 972 333 7908.

How long will the new coating last?

This answer varies with the areas use. Refinished surfaces should last eight years plus with proper care.

Why refinish instead of replacing?

Refinishing/ reglazing will save you up to 75% of the expense of parts and labor to tear out and replace.

How tough is this finish?

These finishes are custom engineered for these surfaces and are abrasion and stain resistant.

Is this the same material that I can buy in a home improvement store?

No. This is a specially formulated series of coatings that are all designed to work together.

What if my bathtub has been refinished before?

All resurfacing material should be removed down to the original base before refinishing the area again. There is an additional charge for this service.

How long will this take?

Usually a tub refinish will take about half a day.

Can I get any color?

Yes, all colors are available.


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